Ten Thousand words in 2 minutes

10,000 Words in 2 Minutes

Here we are! The 21st century! Video Technology is booming and yet there are still several million small businesses with either no website or a website void of any streaming video what so ever. This is obviously their own choice. However, a choice that could end up costing them quite a lot of leads and therefore business.

For those just coming up for air, video tagging is the latest and best way to capture market share! It’s true!

Videos are capable of both tagging and tracking technology, as well as being the single most engaging thing on a website’s homepage. It has been definitively proven that consumers will stay on a website with streaming video a full two minutes longer! Considering that a static website with mere photographs loses a consumers attention in 4 seconds. That’s it. You have literally 4 seconds. So, if the video is going to get them to stay on your site 2 minutes more. Then why in tarnation is a video still, not front and center?!

We have a theory!

Most small business owners don’t have the time to conceptualize, write, produce and/or edit videos on a weekly basis to put online. No do they desire to. It’s a lot of work! But, here’s the good news! There are a number of companies that can do the work of video content creation for a small business owner for less money than it cost to buy a Starbucks latte everyday. Yep! It’s true. Problem solved.

Given the vast benefits of having video on one’s website, it makes total sense for a small business owner to take of advantage of today’s technology. Remember the adage, “A picture is worth a 1000 words? Well, with video it is like 10,000 words in a 2-minute video.

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