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What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are websites that look and act like a native mobile app. PWAs are capable of text alerts, push notifications, home screen buttons, the works! The best part of all is Progressive Web Apps cost considerably less to make and take up no memory on smartphones or tablets.

Benefits of the Progressive Web Apps.


Because progressive web apps do not use data storage, they can serve up content much much faster on a smart phone, tablet or desktop!


PWA’s are extremely secure as they use the same 256 bit security that is used in every mobile transaction!


PWA’s use the latest technology is push notification and text alert and has extremely reliable uptime.

Works Offline

Using mobile web technology, PWA can allow users to view content offline. This comes in very handy!

Uses No Data

PWA’s require no data usage. In other words, with PWA’s you get all the benefits of a native app without the bloat!


PWA’s work seamlessly across all platforms.

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