Dolphins Help Fishermen Catch Fish

//Dolphins Help Fishermen Catch Fish

Dolphins Help Fishermen Catch Fish

Dolphins Help Fishermen Catch Fish

After seeing this extraordinary video, I realized (The Last Link is the Dolphin in your story). Now, in a story, we all like to be the hero and yes, the hero here is the dolphin, but the rewards and profits are given to the Fishermen. The fishermen receive the blessings of this relationship.

Here we go, now we all are so happy when we see the hero in a film and are encouraged to go and do likewise. When we see heroism, we tend to want to follow and stand up and help ourselves and others to do the same. Here are the
analogies that are so clear and awesome.

We at The Last Link see the opportunity on how to bring you (The Owner-Fishermen), more(customers-Fish). We are working in the background (The Ocean of the World Wide Web-Internet), to corral-herd the Fish-Customers to you…(The Fishermen-Owner).

We at The Last Link are experts in what we do, we have been swimming and gathering so much in our lives over how the ocean works (WWW). We know where the customers (Fish) are and what we can do to herd them to you. We know about SEO, Analytics, AMP-Key-word Rankings, Word Press, UI/UX design and so much more. We have learned how to navigate in this ocean and are able to herd your customers to you.

So what next you say…? It is time for you to do what you do best… catch the profit. Entertain and bring in the customer into your presence. We guide them to you…you receive them into your hands.

Don’t worry anymore wondering when someone will (swim) by your place of Business, instead wait and see, be ready to cast your Net to gather all your Profits, our Company plans to send to you.

Then you will do what we do when we are happy;

Jump and flip for Joy.

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