Do-It-Yourself website: The double edged Sword.

Do-It-Yourself Website: A Double Edged sword.

In today’s marketplace do it yourself websites are a dime a dozen; some of them are great, some are just good and some are simply downright awful. As a small business owner,  the lure of making a website all on your own makes one feel powerful, accomplished, even creative. Best part of all most small business owners feel like a DIY website saves them a whole lot of money! And when the bottom line is affected in a positive way, the boss (that’s you!) is very pleased!

So as a small business owner you hunker down and start loading pictures and video and writing words on a blank canvas to create your very first website and gosh darn you’re doing pretty darn good. Your excited, even elated. Look what you created for the world wide web! But then it starts. You know, dot. dot. dot. it.

Now that you have some content and pretty pictures about your small business online you start hearing words like, optimization, meta data, alt tags, SEO, page rankings, serps, link building, backlinks, page speed, and the list goes on and on and on…..

Suddenly, the small business owner who was vastly empowered two weeks ago is starting to feel like they may have taken on too much. Way too much. Sure. Social media helps a bit. But as a SBO (small business owner) you start wondering how can I run my main business and also keep up with the demands of a full service website, with e-commerce, and  push notification and streaming video that needs to be truncated…..

Then you begin to remember what your uncle Jerry, the digital marketing web designer  told you before you embarked on your DIY website. “I love to change the oil and put air in my own tires! But, heck I would never try to change my own exhaust manifold or replace my crank shaft. I leave that stuff for my mechanic!” How true his words begin to resonate. And now your wondering, what was I thinking?

Still you soldier on and become resolved in learning all there is to website design and analytics, and website measurement and metrics and three days later the DIY website that you were convinced would save you a ton of money and time, is now costing you in productivity, resources, energy, health and so on and so on.

You then decide to lay down your gauntlet and do what you do best;  run your small business and everything that that entails! Let someone else deal with the headaches and stress of running a whole website, social media and SEO campaign and strategy.

Suddenly. That  happy go lucky feeling returns. Oh wow! You think to yourself how good it feels to unload all this digital work to a company that eats it up and will do an awesome job! So you can focus on your business without falling apart wondering how to convert an image or text to UI/UX design.

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