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Blogging & Vlogging


Yikes! Scary. Overwhelming. No time!

These are just a small few comments I’ve received over the years when asking a client if they maintain an up to date blog.¬†Well. Fear not! Digital Mountain has a robust team of writers and graphic designers and we can blog blog blog until we can’t blog no more. Truly.

All of our e-commerce packages, (which happen to also be responsive) come with a bi-weekly blog. We sit down with you and discuss which topics you’d like to explore and cover and we create 600 word drafts for your approval every two weeks.

SEO Optimization

More blogs you write More rankings you receive!

Truth. Blogging is one of the most effective means for helping your company climb the rankings chain. Every blog written is indexed on the world wide web for a very long time. Practically forever. Ever time a search bot looks for you or your company it is very very hungry for high quality content and words.

And, well viola! there are all your hundreds and hundreds of blogs to feed him and in turn he ranks your website very very high. It’s a beautiful thing. But there is more. Much more.


I know. What in the name of everything sacred is Vlogging. Simply put. It is a video diary. Yep. You or someone you know or hire that is on video speaking about your topics, products, etc, etc,….

Here’s the best part! They say that a picture speaks a thousand words? Well, guess what? Video speaks about 10,000 words. They’ve done uber studies on this stuff. But, here are the facts: Our brain remembers and retains about 70% more of visual stimuli than reading alone. How bout that!

So Go ahead. Brag about your blogging rights! Let’s blog.

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