Act your age – More like, Embrace our Age?

Act Your Age? More Like, Embrace Your Age!

Today, we work hard whether we are working for others and or ourselves and lots of time we get stuck in the status quo.  We tend to follow what was done or what we learned from the past. We even have a saying if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. We live as machines, robots and sooner or later we form habits, and it is said, “that habits form our character, which in turn leads our destiny.”

 Wow, I just saw various commercials by progressive (Insurance Company).  It shows an adult being carried around by a slightly older adult, symbolically showing how (we may be carried away with the past in how we perceive or do things today).  Another commercial shows an adult in a grocery cart getting and reaching for things that are destroying the store, another example of us trying to pull and push things that need to be handled appropriately by the responsible party. 

Thess two examples got me thinking…

We need to realize that there is a time that we need to make our own destiny.  Yes, flip the script. Think outside our box that we are used to, and let our destiny guide our actions.  This is actually scriptural. We are to look at our future and prepare for it, so we can live in our present differently.  

If you knew a storm was at hand and the only way to survive is for you to go through the storm, then you might resort to what you know, but the best way to survive this storm is to get on a big tanker boat and allow the ocean to come as you ride the waves.

Here is the point, in the past businesses have survived by advertising physically.  Here are examples: Mailers, post cards, radio, TV, billboards, newspaper, phonebook and many other print products.  

Well the wave of the future is virtual now. We don’t mail-we email, we don’t send post cards-we post (blog) now. We do still use the media, but today media is more accessible through the internet.  

Our Age today is not following our parents or the old way of doing things, but by securing our Web Presence and allowing any print, verbal and visual media to guide our consumers to our virtual business then we will be ahead of the game.  

We know the Age of technology will increase, why wouldn’t you also progress?  


“Do you know what a Progressive Web App is?  If not then Brother/Sister you need to dump the old status quo and become a Responsive Web Builder and be Native to our Age.

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